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Looking for more information on the "primary_color" field


Looking for more information on the "primary_color" field

I've just started working with the API, and I noticed playlists have the following "primary_color" field. While I haven't launched a full investigation, cursory searches of this community, the API docs, and the internet at large and haven't found anything useful. From what I can gather this is a read-only field, but beyond that, I can't get an explanation of what this is for. 


Does anyone else know something about this? 


{'collaborative': False,
 'description': '',
 'external_urls': {'spotify': ''},
 'href': '',
 'id': '',
 'images': [{'height': 640,
   'url': '',
   'width': 640}],
 'name': 'uhhh got a flow for this?',
 'owner': {'display_name': '',
  'external_urls': {'spotify': ''},
  'href': '',
  'id': '1222656872',
  'type': 'user',
  'uri': 'spotify:user:'},
 'primary_color': None,
 'public': False,
 'snapshot_id': '',
 'tracks': {'href': '',
  'total': 1},
 'type': 'playlist',
 'uri': 'spotify:playlist:'}



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You can ignore this field. It's used internally only. 🙂

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You can ignore this field. It's used internally only. 🙂

Milena, thank you for your response,
Any hints for the curious, or is this a super-secret "cannot confirm nor deny the existence of the this field's feature" thing? 😋

I'm also totally interested as i've been building a few things using the API and being able to grab a primary colour like how you guys decide your gradients would be fantastic for dynamic UI

I've made a project that can dynamically grab a theme from an image, so it would work well with album art. What are you working on / whats your stack? 


Pardon didn't see the reply. Originally i was looking to make a custom macbook touchbar for spotify stuff, thought it could be cool to colour it based on current listening's artwork. built a draft ontop someone else's customiser on my github - real dodgily - but now the main thing i'm working on is this backend freelancer system in GAS to deal with admin stuff like paymentoptions, handling and tracking, logging when clients view invoices, cal reminders, personal project management and invoice generation kind of stuff.


With the invoice generation for my personal templates i incorporate a 'monthly liked songs' ( automated through shazam ) spotify playlist so i can communicate the stuff i was listening to whilst i was working on the client's project. Totally not for everybody but i work mostly creative ind stuff.


Because my ones are heavy on the stylisation the album covers breaks the pretty strict colour palette so it would be rad to detect the primary_color of the playlist artwork for that monthly playlist when it's being added and then replace my primary red with that ( maybe fallback to my red brand primary if it's certain colours like black or another one present on the invoice; white, dark purple )

THX-1171 [DOPPELGÄNGER DUDES PTY LTD] 2020_10_18.png

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