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Please bring back the “like” heart! ❤️

Please bring back the “like” heart! ❤️


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The “liked song” heart is no longer in the app. This is a terrible change! Please, please bring it back, it makes the app so much easier and fun to use.  It is an infinitely better feature than “adding to playlist”.
I expect many users (especially older users, like my father, who has completely fallen love with the app and regularly reports to me how many “liked songs” he currently has) will lose interest in the app if this feature is not available, because it has made it more difficult to use.

For me, it is additionally extremely annoying that I can no longer see which songs in any given playlist or album I have already “liked” and thus instantly know they are already in my “liked songs” playlist, which is for me, and surely many other users, something like a “master list” of all my liked songs in Spotify. Please bring it back!! ❤️

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I recommend leaving feedback on this post.

Agreed! I liked knowing how many songs in a playlist I had already liked before listening. It helps me know if I will enjoy listening to the music or if the list is full of new songs that I may or may not enjoy. Bring back heart feature!

Exactly what i would like to be back!!!

I was a user for 7 years but cancelled because of this. Go to Deezer, it still uses the Heart feature. It’s not as good as Spotify but the Heart makes it worth it. Plus they will transfer all your Spotify songs and playlists for you.

They replaced the Heart (Love) with a plus sign and the figure of someone's head. wth is that??? 

Please bring this back!!

Honestly the functionality that's lost is the ability to quickly see my liked songs. On a nostalgic point of view. Being a long time customer I miss the heart. My daughter was also disappointed.

It seema that the update now hit me too. It's exactly as you said, annoying. Now I'm not sure if the song is on my liked songs or not because it even doesn't show unless you click on the "add to playlist".




I mean, that's the whole point of that.  I don't really see the use of seeing all the playlists, plus i'm not a person who usually repeat songs too often on them. So bring back the heart and let me see the ones I like the most, it's more appealing too.


feedback my ass but no, it's already marked as solved so we can't add any reply, please I don't care if it's a heart, star, plus button, whatever, just make it so we can see at a glance if we already liked that song

It is not just the icon. I have lost a feature where I had an icon for my shortlist-playlists. The songs I am collecting are usually already part of a playlist before I start liking them. This got now blended with the + feature basically ripped me from being able to efficiently manage my playlists. I was able to live with this, they only took it away from mobile. Today I have realized this is also not there any more on the desktop app and I am really **bleep** now.


I get it that they are testing their UI changes with a large amount of users before they roll out them to everywhere. The majority of users seemingly don't have an issue with this particular feature loss, and the metrics for spotify went up so they stick to the change. I just don't like to be marginalized, and I am totally aware that (among hundreds of other users like me, see we are the weird ones, trying to make use of an abstraction (liked songs) over several lists. I guess I will have to write an application that allows you to view your playlists and put a heart there.

The "like" feature as it was before provided an easy way to create a sub-list with **visual indication of which songs are liked** which is especially useful if I am interrupted.  Current app kills this on purpose? Kills my fast workflow.

I absolutely hate this change, it adds so many unnecessary clicks and, like many others have mentioned, it absolutely kills the workflow inside the app as I have no idea which songs I like or not. Also, now when you tried to add a song to "Liked Songs" playlist that was already there, it just re-adds it and it appears as your most recently liked song, which is very annoying.

My playlist management is severely degraded because of this. It's not all horrible with this update, I like that I can add a song to multiple playlists at once on mobile, but it's still a big net negative for me and kills my enjoyment of using Spotify like every other update 😕


That is very useful information, thanks. I am also considering looking for another app. The heard was my main tool to organize my music and to mark which songs I have already heard. I have marked about 7000 songs, and now this info is not available anymore. Very annoying.

The heart button has just disappeared for me in the last few days. I want to use Spotify the way I want to, not the way you have just decided I should be using it. Bring the heart button back or give the option for either in the settings.

PLEASE BRING BACK THE LIKE! Easy visual indication when opening playlists / albums is key.

It's not about the heart icon. The ability to quickly glance over a playlist and see which songs you have liked was an amazing feature. Sure I can now see which songs I have added to ANY playlist, but that's not the point. Not all songs I add to a playlist are good enough to have a like. Like button helped me differentiate between good and great songs. Now it's all blended together.

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