Quizzes / Games using the API


Quizzes / Games using the API


Last year I made a prototype for a social music quiz that used the Spotify API. Specifically, it uses the song search, and 30s preview playback features.


I'd like to pick the project back up, but noticed there's a restriction about using the API specifically for games / quizzes (3.c under the Developer Terms):


Games and trivia quizzes. Unless you receive Spotify’s written approval, you shall not use the Spotify Platform to incorporate Spotify Content into any game functionality (including trivia quizzes).


I've fired off an approval, but wanted to ask if anyone has experience with this type of use-case... am I wasting my time or have other quizzes / games been approved before?

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Did you get your approval? As you said, it would be nice to know of any games out there before spending any time on such a project 🙂




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Where did you "fire off your request" at? I have a similar thing going 🙂