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Some Ideas for interesting features for a better and more individual UX

Some Ideas for interesting features for a better and more individual UX

MacBook 2019 / iPhone 11 Pro
Operating System
iOS 15.5, macOS 12.4
My First Idea
First of all I really love Spotify compared to Apple Music for different reasons. For example in my opinion the algorithm of spotify and the songs and playlists this algorithm suggests and create is way more accurate and divers than the algorithm of apple.
For me as a music lover, I love a lot of different music styles and artists. On top of that my music taste depends kinda on the mood I'm in when listening to it. But at the same time I have some songs that I enjoy listening to in different settings/moods/timeframes.
That got me thinking if it wouldnt be nice to have this option when I create a playlist. So that I can create different categories for different moods/settings and mark the songs with the created categories (all of the categories or just one or specific ones depending on the song). Furthermore the algorithm (with enough data and training) could suggests example categories for me based on my activity and automatically sort the songs in the playlist to them.


The images below show the idea of it. As you can see, I added a new option section and depending on the selected category I get different songs but some songs are in both categories as I like them in different moods. The category example of "day" and "night" is just an example and could also be something like "party" or something completly different.


And it´s just an idea of me, but I think there are many people that would like or use that kind of option. Maybe even someone who creates playlists and want to enable a playlist that fits in different settings.


From a developer perspective, this feature wont be so complicated to implement in a basic style where the user has to create/edit and mark the categories/songs on their own. A future upgrade might add an algorithm to it, which suggests and mark categories and songs automatically based on the users activity. But this would need time to develop or modify and train an algorithm.


Please share your thoughts on this. Every feedback is welcome and appreciated.


Cheers, Daniel


-> I´m new to this Community Platform and I'm not sure if this is the correct place for such a topic. If its not, please contact me and suggest a better place. (I saw that there is an Idea Section, but its currently closed due to the high amount of ideas, they need to work through. But I also want to create a discussion about this Idea to get a feedback from the community, if its even a feature that is useful.

Example Desktop Day.png
Example Desktop Night.png
Example Desktop Standard.png
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The following two images show how the feature could look like in the mobile app

Example Phone Menu Close.png
Example Phone Menu Open.png

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