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Spotify Album Embed only playing preview even though logged in

Spotify Album Embed only playing preview even though logged in

Seemingly overnight, the Spotify Player Embed for Albums will only operate in preview mode, even if I am logged in.  I have successfully embedded the player in my React App, and it's ALWAYS played the albums in their entirety if I am logged in. I have never had an issue until this evening.

This just seemed to happen overnight!  The timing couldn't be worse, since I'm giving a lecture on how to use the widget in web applications this week and require it to play entire albums when logged in, not merely preview mode.

I tried this in Chrome and Safari - in both cases I am only getting album previews. I've tried logging out and logging in again.  Still, only previews.

I also tested the widget in a plain index.html file, and still, I'm now only getting previews.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much in advance!

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Hello, did you manage to fix this since saturday ?

I'm in the same situation, a simple embed importation can't play a full song, only preview, even if i make my users logged in through my React App.

Have a nice day !


All I had to do was clear the cache for Spotify (Chrome).  Then the preview mode went away!!!!

I was just about to post my fix!

Hope this helps you, as well!

I have the same issue and I am not able to fix, even if I clear cache. Pls some help

I am having the same problem.  After logging in, the embed player remains stuck in preview mode on iPad, regardless of browser  ( happens on Safari, Firefox, Chrome)

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