Spotify App Integration


Spotify App Integration

Casual Listener

Hi there fellow Spotify enthusiasts,


We are currently building an audio recording mobile app and are wanting to integrate Spotify as a feature within it. Basically, what we want to do is to allow the users to connect to their Spotify accounts to be able to play music from Spotify in the background of their audio recordings - sort of like Anchor's recording tool. Before we go ahead and work on this, we have three questions we would love to have an answer to: 


(1) Would this feature breach the Spotify Developer Terms of Service? Our main concern: Integration with Third-Party Services. "You will not create any product or service by integrating the Spotify Platform, Spotify Service, or Spotify Content with streams from another service." Does our recording tool count as a "stream from another service?"

(2) If not, does this feature only have to be available to users that have a Spotify Premium Account? Our main concern: “Streaming through the Spotify Platform shall only be made available to subscribers to the Premium Spotify Service.”


(3) Although we are not monetizing on the app or using planing to use Spotify content for a commercial purpose, do we still need to apply for Commercial Integration? 


(4) On Anchor you can only integrate 30-seconds per song to your content - is this the maximum limit without licensing the songs yourself or is it possible to integrate the whole song without licensing the songs yourself? 


All responses will be greatly appreciated - thank you!