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Spotify Embed Causes Page to jump back to player

Spotify Embed Causes Page to jump back to player

I built a website/EPK on Wix for a music artist (, and I've embedded the Spotify player into the site. But we noticed that when you start to play the music, whether logged in to Spotify or not, that the player only plays preview snipbets, and while you continue to browse the site with the player on, when it auto plays to the next song, it makes the site jump back to the location of the player on the page. So far this has been tested using Firefox and Chrome, and both have this same issue. I've reached out to Wix tech support, but they said that because it's an embedded iframe from Spotify, that it's outside of their troubleshooting control. So I'm hoping someone at Spotify can help with this issue.


Also, while checking to see if it does this same thing on a mobile device (Safari on iOS), it doesn't do the jump, BUT when you first click on the player, you can't continue to scroll on the page (it doesn't come up as a pop-up), then it'll release at some point so you can scroll.  So there's a different issue via mobile that I'm hoping can be resolved.

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