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Spotify authorization?

Spotify authorization?

I'm trying to set up a simple shortcut to add the current playing Spotify track to a spotify playlist to keep record of the ones I like when I hear them on the flow.

I'm using applescript that for.

What I've found so far is that there are Spotify APIs that should meet my needs, but i'm failing at the last step.

More precisely, since I want to modify a private playlist, this api (1) : demands an authorization token. This token can be retrieved manually, and so far so good, this Applescript is working :

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Hi roywillia12,

You have to implement the Authorization Code Flow inside your app to get an access token. If you are using the iOS SDK, you can follow the steps under Set Up User Authorization of the iOS SDK Quick Start.


Also, there's a file named corewalking.pdf attached to your post instead of your code. Can you please try to upload your code again. Thanks in advance.

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