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Spotify take down of apps

Spotify take down of apps

Hello, I have an application that I developed using the Spotify SDK's.  My application has a title of "XYZ For Spotify".  On multiple occasions, Spotify has forced a take down of my app from an app store and this time, i can't undo it. This is costing me money.


The reason given in the take down is that I can't use the word Spotify in my application name but the development guidelines CLEARLY state and even recommend that you use the terms "For Spotify" in your application.


I filed an appeal with Microsoft that got denied. I also emailed the agency that issued the takedown ("") and they have never responded.  i would love to talk with a human and understand what i did wrong so i correct it.


In the mean time, i would warn all may put your heart and soul into building an integration with Spotify, only to find out that they can take your app down at any time, without notice or explanation.  This is completely frustrating and very unprofessional.


Can anyone here put me in contact with a person at spotify to escalate this issue to?

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