Spotipy: current_user_top_songs() function returns 403

Spotipy: current_user_top_songs() function returns 403





United Kingdom


Macbook Pro (2019)

Operating System

 MacOS Monterey (12.4)


My Question or Issue



Unfortunately I am running in to an issue with the top tracks endpoint on the Spotify API. I am using the Spotify library to build a website to display the user's top tracks as one of its primary functions. The Spotipy library allows the user to do this using the sp.current_user_top_tracks() function. Last week this worked correctly without issue but upon reloading the page, the function now returns this error. I didn't make any changes to code since it last worked, so I am unsure of whether the issue is to do with my code or the Spotify endpoint. 


Any help at all is greatly appreciated, thank you!




Screenshot 2022-05-18 at 18.39.46.png
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