Swagger/OAS or RAML spec of v2 api available?


Swagger/OAS or RAML spec of v2 api available?


I could only find a years old v1 raml file on GitHub which is way outdated.

Has anyone got into creating an updated version in either RAML or OpenAPI yet?

Integrating the api would be so much easier.

Isn't it standard nowadays to provide one?

Please let me know if you know where to find it.

Thank you


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Casual Listener

Hey, unfortunately, there is no official OpenAPI/Swagger/RAML description currently available. But Spotify is planning to release an OpenAPI description in the future. In the meantime, I have written a parser for the Web API reference documentation, which generates an OpenAPI description. You can find my work on GitHub and I have also created a thread in the Spotify for Developers forum about it here.