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Time for an update on API Approval times?

Time for an update on API Approval times?

Hey everyone,


I thought I'd share a bit of our journey in trying to integrate Spotify into our social music platform. Like many of you here, we've been navigating the mysterious seas of the Spotify API approval process. We get it, the approval team's got a lot on their plate, but going months without a peep? That's a tough gig for those of us on the edge of our seats, ready to bring some cool features to life.


Here's the thing - we're not looking to step on Spotify's toes. Far from it. We're all about adding value with features Spotify has passed on, hoping to make the platform even more awesome for users. Think of us as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man of music apps – just here to help out and save the day where we can.


But, as we all wait for that golden email, maybe it's time for Spotify to think about giving their stance on timelines a little update. A nudge, a wink, or even just a "we haven't forgotten about you!" message could go a long way.


So, here's to hoping our collective journeys reach a happy destination soon. In the meantime, let's keep sharing our stories, tips, and maybe even start a support group for API approval waiting. "Spotify API Waiters Anonymous," anyone? 😂


Keep the faith, folks. Our time to shine is just around the corner!

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I feel your pain. I've been waiting since the end of november for a response and still nothing. Been in "in review/undecided" for close to 3 months now very frustrating haha. If you don't mind me asking, what is your music platform it sounds interesting.

Hey! We're building a social media music app, check out for more info!


We're not trying to step on Spotifys toes here. We just want to create something that we know users will love. 


I know how busy the Dev Platform team must be managing all the approvals and ongoing issues. We're at 11 weeks now (5 months since first submission) There has to be a better way to manage all of this, surely?


I can fully appreciate the need to review things. It's the lack of communication, or ability to communicate. 11 weeks is a massive amount of time in the tech world. We're continuing to work on the product, but there's no way to communicate and give updates on what might have changed. 


Right now it feels like a complete black box.

That’s really stiff Paul and super annoying cos that app seems awesome! Are you guys VC backed? Or is this just a little side project with some mates? Haha 



We got our approval today. Thanks so much to the Spotify team for getting through this.


My best advice to you all is to make sure you understand all the guidelines, follow them correctly, and also understand why they exist. It's not Spotify being awkward. Always keep in mind that it's not Spotify's content, so they have guidelines that have to be followed themselves.


@DolphinsRevenge - we're not VC funded but we have got some funding from friends and family. We've got some great plans to push forward with now we have approval. Stay tuned!

Hi wavelengths just wondering if you had heard back at all? We are at 10 weeks so I’m guessing we are behind you in the queue. 

Hi JammNatio,


yes we’ve been approved since our previous message. We were approved about 3 weeks ago but took a little over 13-14 weeks for us so hopefully you’ll be the same!

Have you had any luck finding a support channel to get help unlocking your submission?

No there isn’t a direct channel to talk about your submission. It’s a set and forget style application. 

Has anyone had any luck getting approved lately?  If so, how long did it take?  We're trying to plan out the release of our FITIV Pulse iOS app with this feature.  It's all built and ready to go but we have no idea when we'll be able to launch it. We submitted in March and it still says Unreviewed / Undecided?

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