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Web Playback SDK Rapid Track Switching

Web Playback SDK Rapid Track Switching







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Windows 10


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I have recently integrated the Spotify Web Playback SDK into my electron app.

I am aware that there exist issues with electron and EME, however i am using a fork of electron with support for Widevine.


After attempting to play using my app by selecting it as a device on the desktop app it proceeds to play half a second of audio before skipping to the next track. This repeats 10 - 15 times before it stops entirely.

Looking at the developer console there are status code 500 responses to the endpoint.
These are coming from inside the iframe of the player.

The request is made with several paramters:

exp=<A fairly large number>

cp=<Literaly an empty paramter>

tok=<What i am assuming is my client/access token>


The cp parameter seems odd as it is literally empty. (Appears as '&cp=&' in the url search)


Unfortuanatley i dont have an easy way of providing the code I am using as it is embedded in a Vue.js application and I am unfamiliar with publishing code to github.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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An update after some research into the EME Electron Fork. It appears that the system only provides a developer level license for Widevine so the Spotify API is seeing my app as unsigned / tampered. This is an issue the fork is looking to fix however that will still require resigning and building the application to test small changes.


Is there some way to access the API with a developer license to avoid having to resign every time a small change is made?


As always any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi @Jacob-278! Sorry to say that we wouldn't be able to help with this. The Web Playback SDK is designed for apps targeting a set of supported browsers and not Electron. What type of desktop app were you looking to build?

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