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best way to get geographical data?

best way to get geographical data?

Hey folks!


I'm working on a project to help artists optimize touring and I remember artists used to be able to see where they were getting listens from for their music. This info would be huge, so if there is any way to access this info outside of an artists profile that would be amazing. I do not need specific profile information, just the aggregate listens per city would be ideal. What is the best way to get a hold of this information?


2 Replies

If you find out, please share. There used to be a geographic data mapping of aggregated Spotify listener data, so you could choose a city and find out who the top 50 songs / artists were, but it looks like that GitHub is no longer active. This makes booking much more difficult when you can't rely on this kind of data. Would love to have that back along with the ability to filter for specific data clusters / sub genres. 



Hi Nickennedy, unfortunately, I cannot help you here but I had the same thought so please if you have done some research into this I would love to exchange thoughts. This would help promoters massively to satisfy the necessary artist demand depending on their geographical location.

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