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get-artist-albums: market parameter

get-artist-albums: market parameter

Hi, i was looking a little into the api, especifically to the endpoint{id}/albums


In this example


If I don't use the market parameter it returns what looks to be the same album twice (She's Fire by G-Easy). On closer inspection I see that the available_markets are diferent, one album having only "IN" and the other one having all other markets.


But if I use the market param on the call the result is the same. The only difference is that the field available_markets  doesn't come on the object.


Shouldn't the result be different if I use this param? For example if I use "IN" on the previous example it should return the song that only had "IN" as available market and if I use any other market it should return the other one.


Is this the intended use of this param?

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Got the same issue. Even worse thing is that the albums I get when passing "market" parameter are not actually available in given region so any playback fails.

Like you said, passing "market" parameter causes the albums to have empty "available_markets" value

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