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partnership offer for video game projects

partnership offer for video game projects

Hello, I contact you because I am currently interested in collaborating with you for different video game projects and helping the video game studio to develop. My name is Romain Legros I'm 18 years old and I'm a computer developer more precisely in video games. I created my video game studio "RL Studios" and I'm now partner with Playstation since July 2022. I work on different video game projects, I have already released smaller games under the name of Léana (soon on ps5), neon snake and tyro. I have several big projects of video games but which requires an enormous cost it is for this that I seek sponsors who in exchange to put their platform in the various video games, Internet site or other could be part of a help of a big project of video game. For information the next big video game project should be made with the actress Jenna Ortega, we have already been put in touch with her team that likes the idea of the video game but as you can imagine requires a certain amount of money. This project has a strong promotion with the actress and will be able to highlight the brand that will help us to implement this project. That's why I thought of you, I would like to collaborate with you to implement the spotify application in different places of our video games and our future games including the one with Jenna Ortega. If you collaborate with us and help the studio to finance the project with Jenna Ortega we will be able to set up this system with spotify integrated into the games and the player will have to connect his account or create one to use the application, which can also highlight your premium offer. Your brand will also be highlighted alongside the name of Jenna Ortega who as you can imagine has a lot of influence. We will also be able to give you a certain part of the income from the sales of the video games which can compensate your investment. We look forward to working with you.

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@DorothyBallard, I think they want to partner with Spotify; not other developers.

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