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"/artists/id" endpoint ignores "limit" and "market" query values

"/artists/id" endpoint ignores "limit" and "market" query values

When trying to fetch artist's top track or albums I'm trying to use the /artists/id/albums and /artists/id/top-tracks endpoints.


In the documentation for /artists/id/albums it states that we can provide limit value so that only a number of albums will be returned. That is not working at all, here is an example URL I'm using to get the response from API:,single,compilation,appears_on&limit=10&market=PL&offset=0



This should return 10 of Beyonce's albums which are available in Poland (the market parameter), but instead I get all of her albums, many of which are duplicates and most of them are not even available in Poland

The query I posted is built exactly how the docs say it should be so I suspect it's a bug in Spotify, although the official Spotify app's don't have this issue from what I can tell.


Link do docs:

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