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unable to verify email address

unable to verify email address

@Customer Cares

Plan: Premium Duo

Free/Premium: Premium

Country: USA



Macbook pro (2021) / iOS iPhone 12 mini.


My Question or Issue:

I am unable to verify my email address.

When I visit "" I get a message stating that I must verify my email address, 



When I click on "verify", I get an email to verify my email address. Clicking on either link results in a page that says:

Well, that didn't work.
Let's try again. Hit resend to get a new confirmation email sent to [insert-my-email-here]


Clicking on the resend email thing triggers another email, but clicking on the link results in the same thing.


I've tried changing my email address & confirming the new one. That didn't work. I also contacted support & they changed my email, which did not work.


Support directed me here and asked that I post.

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Having the exact same issue.

Tried with my google account and also by creating a brand new account too, but cannot get around this.

Also having the exact same issue, is there a fix for this?

Never mind I fixed it just now myself. At the top of this page click on your profile and go to settings. Click the email tab and have it send the verification email from there. Instantly worked for me this way.

I stand corrected, it didn't make the error on the Dev dashboard go away.

Yeah, looks like that's just for this site,


I contacted spotify support, here: On Thursday they told me there was nothing they could do and told me to create this post. When I reached back out on Friday during normal business hours they bounced me around to a few support agents and finally escalated the request.


Supposedly they'll be sending me an email. I'll keep the thread updated.

In the meantime, I'd suggest anyone else who's having this issue reach out to support using the link above.

I am also having this same issue. Every time I click the verify link it goes to  "

"Well, that didn't work."

I have the same problem. Do anyone manage to fix it?

Same issue here too


@Customer Cares

This is still an issue.

Actually, it seems to be resolved.


I just clicked the verify button in an old email and it worked. Seems like a security issue to have email verifications that don't expire, but whatever!


Had the same issue for a months.  

How I resolved: 

- Instead of clicking "Verify", click "Update Email Address" 

- This will take you, hopefully, to your spotify web account Edit Profile page. 

- Delete the email address listed (which should be the one you are trying to verify on the developer dash) and tab to another field. 

- Re-type the address you want to verify in the email page. 

- Click "Save Profile" 

- Try to "Verify" from the Developer dash again.  


This worked for me after several weeks of it pissing me off!


I still have this issue, and the response is Gateway Timeout after 600ms... (from the server)


To resolve the issue, I first switched my email address to a different one and successfully verified it. Once that step was completed, I switched back to the desired email address and was finally able to verify it as well.

Yes! I am having the exact same problem.

Did you manage to fix this?

Where? Can you send a screenshot?

bro 😞 so much steps

The issue is still there...

When I click on verify email, I don't get an email.


1) I changed the email in my profile and I got a verification mail.

2) I verify that email and the developer dashboard looks fine.

3) I changed it back and I only got an email that it was changed but no verification link inside.

4) The developer dashboard asks for verification again but no mail is sent.


The email I got from 3) looks like this:


Die E-Mail-Adresse, die mit deinem Spotify Konto verknüpft ist, hat sich vor Kurzem geändert.
Die alte E-Mail-Adresse war: xxxxx
Die neue E-Mail-Adresse ist: yyyyy

Falls das du warst, mach dir keine Sorgen. Alles im grünen Bereich.
Wenn du das nicht warst, schick uns eine Mail an **bleep**

und sag uns Bescheid. Wir kümmern uns dann darum.


I have no idea why I don't get a verification mail with the address I like to use 🙄


The support does not help. He is not responsible for the developer site.


Best regards


No luck with this. The trick posted higher up didn't work for me.

same problem here

the link in the mail is invalid (both of them)




Ok my Problem was PiHole

it was blocked on PiHole


change your dns settings if u have this problem too



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