/v1/me/player/devices doesn't return Amazon Echo Dot devices (4th Gen)


/v1/me/player/devices doesn't return Amazon Echo Dot devices (4th Gen)



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Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation 


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Hey there, I've been having trouble with the /v1/me/player/devices endpoint. For some reason, all of the Amazon 4th Gen Echo Dot devices (and exclusively these devices) just stop being retrieved after some time.  

I did, however, notice that it's possible to use these devices via Connect on the Spotify app just fine (or on the web and desktop players, for that matter), which makes me think that this issue might be strictly API-related.  

Furthermore, I've also noticed that it's only after using the Spotify app and opening the device selection screen that the API starts retrieving the 4th Gen Echo Dot devices correctly.  

It's almost as if checking the user's available devices through the app emits a 'wake up' signal to the Echo Dot devices and only then makes them responsive to the API sweep. Is there such a thing?  

(Goes without saying, but I did try restarting the devices, linking and unlinking accounts, checking the firmware version, etc.). 

Thanks in advance! 

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Hi, sorry for bumping this, but it seems that the issue is still occurring and unfortunately we haven't been able to figure it out. Would appreciate some help, thanks.


Hi, thanks for responding so quickly. I did check the topic, and while these issues (mine and theirs) might be related (in the sense that both refer specifically to the /player/devices endpoint), the issue I'm facing right now seems to be specifically pertinent to the 4th Generation Echo Dot, whereas the issue reported in the topic you mentioned seems to happen with any Echo Dot that has had its firmware updated.
Besides, the behavior reported at that topic seems to be slightly different from what I've been experiencing with the 4th Generation Echo Dot: instead of displaying the "weird" serial number as they've mentioned over there, my devices are simply not being retrieved.