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1 Spotify account. 2 Amazon Echo Dots

1 Spotify account. 2 Amazon Echo Dots







Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

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I have 1 Spotify account and 2 Amazon Echo Dots (3rd Gen).


One of my Echo Dots is at home, and one is in my office.


Can i use my 1 spotify premium account on both dots (at seperate times?)



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Can anyone help?

One more try....

If you're trying to listen different songs at the same time, I think you can't.


Hope this help you.

Thank you  for replying. 


What im saying is I have a dot in my office and a dot in my house. 


Can i I use my 1 Spotify account on both dots?


So during the day I would use Spotify on my office dot and at night use Spotify on my home dot. 


With amazon music I had to upgrade my premium to a family account to use my account on two different dots. 

Yes, you can then.

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