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$100/12 months Subscription Model ($20 off)

$100/12 months Subscription Model ($20 off)

Hello, I already have Premium subscription with monthly payment of $9.99 + tax,  but I got the promotional message offering price of $99.00 + tax for one-time payment of 12 months of Premium.   I did purchase this one-time payment and it cost me a total of $106.45 ($99 + tax).   


But how do I now cancel my monthly automatic payment.  The only options I see in my account are for change/cancel.  In Payment methods, I only see "Update", where I have to enter some other payment method, but no way to remove 'automatic monthly payment'.  How do I avoid being "double-charged" on monthly payments now, since I had already paid the one-time annual payment? 


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I have the same issue. I don't want to cancel the monthly subscription in case it might screw up my year subscription, but I'm commenting so this can get visibility.

Hey Michael, so what are you planning to do then?  will you leave it till you are chraged next? 

The year subscription will start at the end of the month you paid for. Got a hold of their Twitter support


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