2 Accounts- one is premium other is free account.

2 Accounts- one is premium other is free account.

My problem is, I had an account that i was using for free since 2 years. I decided to get premium account. While i try to change to premium, I'am obliged to open the application on website not in my app. Therefore, as I open spotify on safari, I wrote my e-mail and paid for premium 0.99tl for 3 months. Later on I realized that it was another account of mine, not the one I have been using. So my friends and all my playlists were not in the premium new account.

Now, I want to cancel my premium 0.99tl subsription on one account and change it with my second account which user name is : deria7 
Can you help me about switching between my accounts this premium subscription.
from user: 11128363442 to  user:deria7. 
If I cancel one and get premium on other account it says " you already tried 0.99tl trial, you will start with 13.99tl" However my other account that i dont use, started 0.99tl tiral yesterday.

If you can help me about this I will be glad.

Thank you.


Derya Nereli

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Hey there @deria7,

thanks for reaching out !


Unfortunately, moving offers between accounts isn't possible.

However, Spotify CS might try and help with providing better answers and might solve it for you.


You can reach out to them using this contact page.


Hope this helps 🙂

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