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2 Charges of 1 dollar each

2 Charges of 1 dollar each

Hi Spotify,


I just would like to know about 2 charges of 1 dollar in my Account. 

What are those for?


My email is



Bruna de Lima Martins

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I am trying to swap my Account for Student but my school is not included on the list, so I have requested to include it. 
Today there is another charge of 1 dollar!
I want a refund of these 3 charges. This is an absurd!

I am still waiting for an answer, Guys!



yes this has happened to me as well !! what is going on ? plus i cant find anywhere to contact spotify and im starting to get really annoyed


Simply call your credit card company and inform them of the double charge. Not only will they refund your money they will assess Spotify a penatly for not addressing your valid concerns.

Also check your credit card statement or call the card issuer and see if there is a phone number!

Same thing happened to me. The main problem that I have with this though is that it is so illegal to charge us without our permission. Very unethical, no matter the dollar amount

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