Account Changes & Hulu


Account Changes & Hulu



Plan: Premium with Hulu

Country: USA

Device: Samsung Galaxy S8

Operating System: Android, Windows 7, Windows 10


My Question or Issue:

I see that adding Hulu to your service is no longer available unless you have a Student account; I do not.  My account is still currently linked with Hulu, and I'm hoping not to lose it.  Thing is though I'm considering what options I might have to make any changes to my account - will I be able to make the changes without losing my Hulu subscription when I do?  For example, would it be possible for me to change this into a Premium Family plan so I can play different music on different devices simultaneously? 


For instance, my partner may be home listening to Spotify on my laptop while I'm out somewhere, say either in the car or at work, and want to listen to Spotify - thing is, if I should hit play on a device within my own earshot it will shut down the stream going to my partner with the laptop back home.  Is it possible for me to add another line of access to this account without losing my Hulu access, and how much would it cost me in order to do so? 


If I can't make changes I'll just have to find another streaming service that I can use while my Spotify account is in use back home, but I'd really prefer to be able to access my playlists and receive recommendations based upon my listening history.  Insights on this topic are welcome as well, should anyone happen to chance by this post. 



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Re: Account Changes & Hulu


Hey @reorourke.


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


You're right: the standard Hulu offer has now ended, and it's only available if you have a Premium for Students subscription and you're in the US.


Unfortunately, there is currently no way of combining the Hulu offer with Premium for Family. So, if you upgraded to a Family plan, you would no longer have Hulu included in your plan. 

The only way for you and your partner to listen to Spotify separately without interrupting each other's playback is to have separate accounts. Either your partner could get a separate Premium subscription, or you could upgrade to Premium for Family so that both of you would have Premium at a lower price, but you would lose your Hulu access.


Hope that clears things up! Let us know if you have any further questions about this ;)

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