Adding a family member


Adding a family member

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Hi there,

I have tried to add my husband and the payment arrangement has changed accordingly. However when he accepts the invitation (he is a free member) his details are incorrect as to address and date of birth and he can't change them so he is prevented from being added to the family account. Can you help please?

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Hey @user-removed, welcome to the Community!


They'll need to enter the physical address you entered when you invited the first member to your plan.


As for his date of birth, he can check the info registered on his account from his Account Overview.


We hope that helps.

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Thanks for replying. He is the first family member to be added and I didn't
give an address when I joined Spotify so there is no address to match up
to. I assumed they needed the Paypal address but that doesn't work. The
date of birth can't be changed except for on facebook but he has no date of
birth there either.

I have cancelled his family membership and taken the individual membership
again which is a shame because he doesn't want to take out an individual
membership himself on principle as it costs a lot more money. So Spotify
have lost a customer there.