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Adding dollar amount gift card to Hulu account

Adding dollar amount gift card to Hulu account

Some background first, I have the Spotify Premium with Hulu plan, and I received a 1-month Premium gift card as a gift.  When I added it, it removed the Hulu portion of my plan for the duration of the gift card and then automtically switched back to my original (Spotify+Hulu) plan after the 1-month was finished.


My main question is, I now received another gift card, this time for $30 (instead of 1 or 3 month).  If I add this gift card, will it switch me back over to the premium account (without Hulu), or will it work with my current plan?  The gift card literature says that they can't be used for Premium for Family (which I do not have) or other discounts and promotions.  Does the Spotify Premium and Hulu plan fall under the discounts and promotions category?


TLDR: I have Spotify+Hulu account, what will happen if I add a $30 gift card to my account?

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Hi @-Zach,


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Yes, it will "cancel" your current plan.


Spotify gift cards are only used for Spotify Premium which doesn't include the plan with Hulu. You can find more information about Gift Hards here.


You can save your gift cards for when your offer with Hulu expires so you can get your Premium Plan, but just remember that a Gift Card has an expiration date. 


Thanks 🙂

Thanks @bbrunahh,


Since I asked and you answered this question, Spotify changed up their plans so that Hulu now comes with a regular premium account.  I'm guessing that my gift cards are OK to use now and I won't lose my Hulu access.  My account still says "Spotify Premium with Hulu", but I'm guessing that it changes to "Spotify Premium" next billing cycle.  Any thoughts or comments about what I expect here with the subscription changes?



Hi there,


Hulu doesn't come automatically with a Premium subscription, you can find more information here.


You still can't pay it with a gift card since it's only available for recurring subscriptions.


Thanks 🙂

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