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Are the free player user's being pressure into buying Premium?

Are the free player user's being pressure into buying Premium?







Aspire TC ATC-705-ER52

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Windows 10

So after i posted for help 2 weeks ago i got the reply to uninstall spotify and delete any folder left of reset my comp and re download the app again yet the same problem is happening it started right away after the reinstall with the player just shuting down when i goes to play an add. It's not every add or at the same time of day thing, it seems quite random. My brother use's spotify's free player aswell and he gets the same problem, he theroizes that the free player has either an intentional code glitch or has devloped on yet they dont fix to force people to use there paid player sense the paid service is add free? So one could see why our mnds would go to that with the nature of the problem were both having.


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I am having the same problem.


When it occurs at the top is displayed "The selected song will be played after the Ads."

However, the ads never ends and Spotify does not restart.

The ad "Joe Bonamassa" is now stopping Spotify. Please correct soonest!!!!!!!!!!

For me they don't seem to be any one add it seems random except for they time it happens I listen to spotify well  read before bed that's any were from midnight to 2am my time (Mountain Daylight Time, GMT -6) and from about an hour after I start the player up is when it stops, so usually In the window of 1am to 3am. This isnt every night but it's getting to be atleast twice a week now. They one thats every day is I fall alseep with it playing and when i wake up it's always frozen at the start of an add.

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