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Australian account being charged in internationally currency (£GBP)

Australian account being charged in internationally currency (£GBP)


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I am and always have been based in Aus with a family subscription which should be $17.99. I have recently noticed that for the last year, from October 2019, I have been charged the AUD equivalent but in GBP and hence have had an international conversion rate charged by my bank on each transaction monthly.

How can I be reimbursed for the fees incurred and ensure that future payments are charged in AUD?



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Hi @RGM1,

thanks for reaching out to the Spotify Community !


As this seems a bit odd, i would advice you to first and foremost  reach out to your bank and ask them why this is happening.


If the country on your account is Australia, you should be getting charged in Australian dollars.

I would also advise you to check Spotify's invoices on your account page and see if you're getting charged in AUD or GBP on those statements.


Let me know what you find 🙂

Hi there,

Thanks for your response.
My bank assures me that the currency being charged is a foreign currency
and it is my bank charging the international conversion fee.

The invoice states AUD which was how I never picked up on it sooner.

I have googled the issue and it seems I am not the only one with the same

Hi @RGM1,

thanks for checking it out !


I've taken your issue backstage and can confirm that is being looked into and that a long-terms dix is being worked on. 


If you'd like, you can always head here to Spotify's official "About Us" page and send out a message to the support team for further answers.


I hope this helps.

I'm always around, let me know if you need further help 🙂

Here we are 18+ months on and this is still an issue. Tried several work arounds but no luck. 

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