Bought 3 months but want to change plans...


Bought 3 months but want to change plans...

I bought 3 months of premium, then the next day found out about the family plan amd I'd like to switch to that. Is there a way I can cancel the 3 mnths I payed for, or upgrade and use that money towards the family plan? Thanks for any help!
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Re: Bought 3 months but want to change plans...

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Hi @julieincolombia. If you just recently purchased these three months then support might be able to help you out. To contact support, please fill out the online contact form. If, for whatever reason you would prefer not to, or you cannot use the form, support can also be reached on twitter by reaching out to @SpotifyCares, or on Facebook by sending a message to the Spotify Cares Facebook page.

Please be aware that responses may take anywhere from 24-48 hours depending on the volume of tickets they are currently handling. Additionally, please be aware that there is no guarantee that support will be able to help you in this circumstance, but it will be the best bet moving forwards for what you would like.


Hope this helps. Please let me know if you run into any further issues, or if there might be anything else that I might be able to assist you with. Cheers!