Can not get in family package


Can not get in family package

i was get invited by my sister to use family package,but when i send the info it always show like THIS!!!! I use the same address like my sister but i still had this problem,what's wrong with this!!!!


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please  click here to open Spotify contact form.

Please note: if FAQ suggestions are shown, click/tap on "I still need help". It is a round button on the bottom of suggested FAQs.

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Is a wrong set language the problem?

i tried english version but it show the same


Please post an English screenshot here. I apologize, but I can't recognize your problem in this language.

Sorry about that,i didn't capture it in english.




Can you send me a link to the mentioned FAQ article?




Are you Premium or Free at the moment?

i was premiem accout before this happen,right now its a free accout.


Did you cancel the subscription? Or happened it in mysterious ways?

i did not cancel anything,it cancel automaticlly.


Did you asked your family member for a new link and tried it again? Maybe this one expired or simetsome like that 

first time it says i need to put the same address like the one who paid,but i tried many times and its still showing the same massage

yes,i did it and link did not expried yet


Did you ever participated in another family subscription? Or is a drpendind student offer activated? (You can check it at the UNIDAYS website, if you ever had one.)

yes i was in family subscription,and i get kicked out by system because  i did not comfirm my address,and i can't go back to family subscription that i used before  until now.


If you’re accepting the invite on the same device it was sent from, make sure the owner who sent the invite has logged out of their account page first.


Did you ever subscribed Spotidy as student offer? Please make sure, that your account is no more linked to your UNIDAYS account. If fixing it on UNIDAYS home page doesn't help, contact support.

i did not log in same device with owner of packege,i also did not use the student offer before either.


I apologize, but I have no clue what to do now. Seems like a system error or a faulty securit measure to fight against abuse of family subscription.

I would contact Spotify Support in this case. Do you know where to do this?

if i know where i can contact  spotify support,i will not be here in the first place.

Can you give me a link of spotify support?

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