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Can't buy spotify premium with PayPal because I need a Creditcard. Before july it worked.

Can't buy spotify premium with PayPal because I need a Creditcard. Before july it worked.


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Last month my purchase for Spotify premium failed and I didn't know why... because normally it took the money automatically away (direct debit) from my bank account. I noticed that there was a change in my settings with paypal so I changed it, hoping that it would solve my problem. But it didn't. 


So I tried to downgrade to spotify free and after that go back to Spotify premium, but now when I want to pay with PayPal it asks me to add a creditcard which I never had/used.


Why do i need a creditcard to pay with paypal? Before july I always used paypal to pay for my premium account (using bancontact) without a creditcard and now all of the sudden I need a creditcard?


What can I do?


Greetings from Belgium


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Hey there @lennyrt,

thanks for posting !


You can use this help page to have a the payment options in your country and through your account.


Just in case, i would try creating a new PayPal account, add the card and try paying for the subscription again.


Let me know what you find 🙂

Thank you for replying!


Using my PayPal account it still redirects me to the page where I need to add a creditcard (see attachment).


I also tried using my dads PayPal account and now all of the sudden it works? I really don't get why it won't work with my account... because previously there wasn't a problem. My bank card is linked and accepted to my PayPal account and there is 25euros in my wallet. What could possibly be wrong?

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Hey there @lennyrt,

thanks for the update !


Does your father have a bank account or an unlimited funds on his PayPal accounts ?

As Spotify renews the subscription every month it might not accept if there aren't enough funds.



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