Can't cancel premium


Can't cancel premium

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So this is not relevant to this account as I have an other one where I signed up for premium. I went to cancel premium but didn't have the subscription tab so I logged out and now trying to log back in I realised I accidently used the wrong email address. So now I can't log into my account or reset the password but I'm still being charged for premium. Any one know how I can cancel it?




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Hey there!


To cancel your subscription, you need to follow the steps below:


If you do not remember the account information then you will need to do the following: Click here for help to find your account details and then follow this guide.


After this, login to the Spotify Website with the credentials that you signed up with, if you could find them. Once you have logged in to the account follow this guide to cancel the subscription.


If this fails, you can submit this form to Spotify.


Hope this helps!

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Filling our the form sorted it, thank you!