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Can't change country

Can't change country

I am trying to change my country from the USA to Australia. I have tried to follow the instructions to update the payment details to an Australian card, however I am receiving the error message "The postal code you entered was not valid for the selected country." 
There is no option to select a country, and I have searched posts and many seem to be experiencing the same problem. Could you please advise on the correct way to change country and update payment settings. I don't want to have to go to the trouble of creating a new account and losing my playlists etc. Thanks 

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Hi @kathryn_s,


If you go to my account > account overview you should find an 'edit profile' option where there are options to change your country and post code. For you, this should say USA so if you change it to Australia and then update your payment details that should work.


I've heard that for some people this switching country thing doesn't work, so another thing you could try is to remove your american card first before trying to switch countries; this way Spotify will have no reason to believe you're in the US, and this shouldn't affect your premium subscription as premium is paid in advance.

I have the same problem but it’s not giving me an option for Australia 


Do you currently have a credit card added to your account? If so, you could try removing it, then changing the country.

What usually works is prompting Spotify to cancel your subscription on your US subscription (Australia would probably not pop up due to you having an existing premium subscription in the US), then once cancelled, you can freely change countries and thus resubscribe in Australia. Also reminder that streaming on Telstra will incur data usages where as streaming on Optus (on selected mobile plans) is completely data free.


Cancelling a subscription:


Optus Data Free Streaming:


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