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Can't pay for Spotify Premium with PayPal Balance

Can't pay for Spotify Premium with PayPal Balance

I've been able to pay for Premium for 1-2 years faithfully, only once having been downgraded for delaying my payment. Unfortunately I downgraded again this month for delaying my payment again, and so I recently got my money to pay for premium by Paypal balance.


Again, I've been able to use PayPal balance for 1-2 years, and only now this is happening.


I don't have a debit OR credit card, and one hasn't been connected since my first 3 months (due to the 3 month $.99 deal having been paid for on credit card). But it asks me to enter a card to further the transaction


So, what's up with this?

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Hey @Unknownlistener thanks for reaching out to the Spotify Community,


I’d recommend checking out this article for payment troubleshooting steps.
There’s also some specific subscription-related troubleshooting over at our Spotify Answers board.

If that doesn't work, I would say to try these options:

-Use a different Internet connection

-Use a different device

-Open a tab using incognito mode


Hope this helps,

Jack 🙂

I've tried all of these, and none of them work.

Hey again,
I would also double check your balance, let me know what happens.


Again, unfortunately same screen. I'm sure I have enough. 

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