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Can't reconnect myself to Spotify Family

Can't reconnect myself to Spotify Family


I've signed up and invited by my friends to join his Spotify premium. However, i was log out from the profile and I couldn't seem to join back into the subcriptions even he tried inviting me twice. 


Can someone help? I've no idea what's wrong. 


Thank you! 

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Hey there !


Let's try and solve your issue together.

Were you a premium user of Spotify before you added yourself ?


In addition i'd click here for more info and help on the Family Plan accounts.


Yes, I was a premium spotify use and the plan was expired with my another group of friends. Then later on, I've subcribe it again with another group of friends. I was connect and now i'm disconnected from it and unable to join again. 


Thank you!


Hey there !


Thanks for getting back with me.

When did you leave the other Family plan you had ?

Hey @booeeychoong.


Thanks for reaching out on the Community - we'll be glad to help you out further 🙂


Don't worry, this is something that can happen when joining a Premium for Family plan. If you're still having trouble joining the plan, we recommend you get in touch with our Customer Support team here, who will be able to take a look backstage at your account and see what's happening.


Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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