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Can't remove my credit card from Spotify web

Can't remove my credit card from Spotify web

Hi. Since I subcribed throught PSN Spotify offer I want to remove my credit card information from the web account. Since I will pay Premium throught PSN and since I already have the credit registered there I can't see why I need to keep my credencials with Spotify web as well. If I go to Manage subcription it says that I need to contact PSN. But I want to remove my credit card that's all. Hope you'll reply

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Hey @axlnightwhisp, welcome to the community!


If you had an ongoing Premium subscription using your credit card and you've updated it to your PSN wallet, the card details should be automatically removed and replaced as soon as your PSN has processed the first payment.


If your PSN has already been charged for Premium, and you still find your card details under your Subscription page, try clearing your browser's cache and cookies or using an incognito window to double-check.


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