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Can't return to Family Premium

Can't return to Family Premium

After a several attempts to change my card details - all unsuccessful accordig to the troubleshooting message that appeared every time, somehow the new details have been saved (even though i never saw a confirmation message). However, while trying to change the card detais, i cancelled my family premium subscribtion and returned to it (did this several times while trying to change the card details on different devices), as per advises found here in the community. Now it does not allow me to return to my premium family subscribtion for some reason. Would you know what might be the reason and what needs to be done? 

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Hey there @NiyaDimitrova,

thanks for posting in the community !


Sorry to hear you having this issue.

I'm a bit confused by your post.

Are you trying to renew a Family Plan you were the owner of and created or to join back a Family Plan you were invited to ?


I'm around waiting on your update 😃

Sorry, to renew the family plan I am the owner of. Now it just won't allow
me 😔

Hey there @NiyaDimitrova,

thanks for the quick update.


It is possible that cause you have tried to renew many times, had canceled and rejoined or had your payment details entered too many times your bank might have pointed it as weird behavior and stopped it.


Just to be sure, please contact your bank and make sure there aren't any paused actions or actions under "investigation" so you'd know it isn't a payment issue.


In addition to what's written above, check this Premium for Family help guide to make sure you had done all steps in the correct way.


Bank approved that you're good to go? Steps on the help page made correctly? contact support through this contact page and have them take a closer look at the account for you.

Note: Support can take up to 24-48hrs to get back in touch.

Got an automated mail ? please DO respond to it.


You can always reply back to the post and i'll be around to help 😃

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