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[Canada] Google Home mini for full price, no discount


[Canada] Google Home mini for full price, no discount






My Question or Issue

I got the link for the free Google Home mini for my Spotify Premium account. The first page said the discount would be applied during check-out, but when I placed the order, it was charged on my credit card for full price. Please confirm if I should cancel this order and re-do, or will Spotify apply the discount after? I already contacted google in regards to this, but still no reply from them.





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Hey all!


We're currently looking into this issue.


If you are experiencing this, try again in a few days to see if if the discount is applied. We'll leave an update here as soon as we have further info.


Sorry for the inconvenience!


Have a nice day.

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26 Replies

I have followed the required steps to get a free Google Home Mini and received the email saying my device is available. I click on the link and it lets me add to basket. However, when I get to checkout no promotion is applied so it still shows as full price. Can anyone help please?


I've had the same issue, only I didn't realise until I saw the money leave my account. Google support said I had to contact Spotify but that they've had a few reports of the same issue

I have just had this issue. I cancelled the shipment straight away. Now it won’t let me do it again as it says my device maximium has been reached. Sent a message to Spotify so I await their reply.


Update to my previous post, the link has just worked and as if by magic the discount has been applied. Strange!!!

Congrats! I had an online chat with someone at Spotify and they've referred it on... Should be sorted in the next 2 days apparently 🙂 but for now, I have to sit and look at my Google home mini and not open it 😞

Oh no. Well hopefully it will be sorted for you soon. It’s such a shame because it is a good promotion for Spotify and they will only get lots of negatives because of this issue.

I have experienced the exact same thing and I cannot find an avenue to contact Spotify directly or to contact Google directly 






My Question or Issue

I ordered a Google Home Mini and it was cancelled by Google because the payment couldn't be verified. It is for a free item but they still had trouble verifying my credit card and cancelled. Due to the cancel I can no longer order the item because the promo code was used. I had a chat with a google rep and they said there is nothing they can do. They said I would have to contact Spotify and get another promo code and that was the only way. Please help Spotify!!!


You can contact Spotify by clicking through from this page  I clicked subscriptions, then trials and offers then "still need help" which started a live chat with an agent.


I have now successfully ordered a free Google home mini! I was told to clear my cache and cookies and try clicking the link again. That didn't work, I still received a message saying i couldn't add this to my basket as there is a limit on how many you can purchase. However, I then signed out of my Google account and tried again as a guest and it worked!


Good luck! 🙂 

Don't bother. They don't understand your question anyways.







Iphone X

Operating System

(iOS 10


My Question or Issue

Hello I have had premuim for over a year and I wanted to get the free Google Home Mini Promo you are offering. I followed the directions and got the email Say "your device is now available" I followed the email and when I got to the payment part I didnt have a promo code to enter. Did I do something wrong?

I also am trying to get a new code - the webstore did not apply the promo code automatically as spotify said it should - therefore was charged 89$ to my credit card and had to cancel the order - Google store was very helpful - but the problem is now cannot redeem properly without a new code.  

I had the same problem - the promocode that was supposed to be automatically redeemed was not - so Google store charged the credit card.  You needed to cancel the order before the order gets to the warehouse - otherwise google is sending you at full price.  I cancelled my order as per Google (call back service).  They were very helpful.  When you go to the google store the promo code is at the end of the web address in the bar at top of browser - they wanted me to try entering that code manually in the promo code line in their checkout - unfortunately the promo code is a one time use - tied to your account (we tried various ways to get a new code but nothing worked)  Google has stated the only way to fix is to have Spotify provide a new unique code. I forwarded Spotify my google store order ID (now cancelled) and my promo code so they have all the info.  hopefully they rectify this.

The code was to be applied automatically - their system is not doing it.  Happened to me as well and as it was stated the discount would be applied automatically I went through the whole purchase thing - ended up being charged the full amount.  I talked to Google Store customer support (call back service) - they said something did not work and they showed me how when you go to the google store the promo code is actually embedded at the end of the website address in your browser - asked me to copy and enter or copy and paste that portion into the promo code line in checkout.  Problem with mine was the system thought the code had already been used and could not use again - and you cannot refresh or try again as the promocode is a one time use code tied to your spotify account.  So I am trying to contact Spotify to issue a new one...

Awesome I would love to know what happens

lucky you can get it going


mine still says "We're sorry but you're not able to redeem at this moment."

Just seeing if anyone else had this problem. Literally just recently got premium for spotify and saw the promo for the Google mini. After getting to checkout and confirming it. It ended up costing me the full price even though I saw the promo in the screen prior. So since I was being charged like $80 I canceled it. And now I'm not eligible for it since I apparently canceled the order even though the screenshots o showed clearly showed me being charged full price. 

I have the same problem - i received notification that my device was ready and that the discount would be applied at checkout, but i was charged £49



Bonjour, j’ai reçu un mail pour le Google Home Mini gratuit seulement quand je clique sur le lien ça me redirige vers Google et me demande de payer 59€?

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