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[Canada] Google Home mini for full price, no discount


[Canada] Google Home mini for full price, no discount






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I got the link for the free Google Home mini for my Spotify Premium account. The first page said the discount would be applied during check-out, but when I placed the order, it was charged on my credit card for full price. Please confirm if I should cancel this order and re-do, or will Spotify apply the discount after? I already contacted google in regards to this, but still no reply from them.




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Hey all!


We're currently looking into this issue.


If you are experiencing this, try again in a few days to see if if the discount is applied. We'll leave an update here as soon as we have further info.


Sorry for the inconvenience!


Have a nice day.

Having been back and forth with Spotify over my issue of my code not working then showing as redeemed, they have made it very clear that they do not care. 


They say the code has been used so there's nothing they can do.




What a total sham.


Hi, the discount code doesn't get applied at check out. 

I have the full premium account (CANADA). I clicked the link from the email and during the selection of the google home it says it will apply the discount at the checkout but it still shows the full price.
I've tried to take out the google home from my cart and try the link again, but it still doesn't work.

Please help


I tried to place my order, completed the transaction thinking the discount may kick in, and realized it wasn't applied afterwards. 


I understand it says to try again, but when I do it says that I have already redeemed the code in following through with the transaction, despite the code not applying itself. 

I got the same problem and Spotify don’t want to help me!! 

They basically told me tough.

They really don't care.

They even suggested I cancel if I'm not happy. Amazing!

i too am in the same boat, showed proof that the code has been redeemed, showed proof from my google account that i have not redeemed the code, but im guessing that because the code has been redeemed, that i must of done it. maybe spotify reused the codes?

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