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Re: Free Google Home Mini - Say's already redeemed! NOT TRUE! - Help!

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OK So that is BS - their webpage is at fault for not applying discount and they are not doing anything.  I too had the exact same issue - I dealth with Google Store support and they advised all the same info to try entering the code manually with same result.  They said Spotify needs to give us a new code.  To see your response from Spotify is unreasonable.  They need to fix this.

Re: Google Home Mini Order Cancelled By Google

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Just a generic auto-email

Re: Can't Redeem Free Google Home Mini - Canada

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I get the same two messages than you here.


First the link and it says you registered your interest. Then I click the green link and says not able to redeem at this moment.


Also Premium individual for years.

Re: Can't Redeem Free Google Home Mini - Canada


I completly agree, this scheme of attracting new customers falls short for your most loyal ones: the family plan members.  Not only is this an embarrsing shortcoming on Spotify's part its also an insult to your best paying members by telling them they are exlcluded from the benefits a single premium account holder would have. ridiculous. 

The result will be that we will leave. Premeuim family plan members will flock to competitiors out of simple anger, myself among them.  

Fix this Spotify , fix this NOW. 

im already pricing out youTube misic or google options.   what a joke. 

Re: Can't Redeem Free Google Home Mini - Canada


i got the same message,  what a joke. we cant just take this, UK and US family plan holders ended up getting the offer extended to them. we can do the same if we dont take this quietly.  time to unleash a social media storm. 

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Same here. Premium account for years. Unable to claim reward at this time. No email in my inbox or spam folders. Several of my friends have been able to claim their speaker. 


Google Home Mini (Help)

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Hello, I have a premium spotify account at $ 9.99 per month and not family. I made the request for google home around 18h ​​tonight. I still have not received mail and I will click on Premium and Start to have google   : Thank you so much ! You have already expressed interest in this offer. Check availability  I click and:then it says sorry, but you can not take advantage of... ?  Can you help me please? I have my premium account and not family account . Thank !

Re: Google Home Mini Order Cancelled By Google

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Ha ha that reply is a generic autobot response that doesn't answer any of
your questions and doesn't offer you anywhere else to turn.

Only maked me angrier Stephen 🤨🙄🤯😡

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Are you planning on reaching out to Spotify for a new promotion code? Or make a new Premium account? I don’t quite know how to reach Spotify about this.

Wrong email used for Google Home Mini Promo







I applied for the Google home mini promo in Canada, and after submitting for my free mini I realised the email address used was wrong and I no longer have acess to it. I can't seem to find a way to have the promo resent to my actual email.