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[Canada] Troubles Redeeming Google Home Mini


[Canada] Troubles Redeeming Google Home Mini







iPhone, PC

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iOS, Windows 10


My Question or Issue

When going to to redeem my google home mini, after being a premium subscriber for years, I am greeted with "We're sorry but you're not able to redeem at this moment." 

I notice this seems to be an ongoing issue for US customers and also can't help but notice I never received an email advertising this promotion.  This seems like a huge attempt to grab new customers while shafting your existing ones pretending like it's an error or bug when it is simply just not part of your plan to accomodate existing customers.  Please provide a solution and not just links to the same redeem pages over and over which seemed to be all that was done for US customers.  

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Again, the only option us to check Spotify support @spotifycares on

When I try to redeem it stays "It looks like you've not registered your interest for this offer yet" when I click register now it is just redirecting to the Spotify home page. I don't understand what I'm supposed to do to actually get my redemption code? Please help, thanks!

I will help you with this. Di you have a Twitter account?

Thanks for the offer to help, but I don't have a Twitter account and am not interested in getting one. I think it's insane that a I need an entirely separate social media account to get help from a company I am currently paying a monthly subscription fee to.  

The reason behind this is that its the ONLY way to really talk to someone
at Spotify. Twitter is their only support channel..I too was in the same
situation. I had to get a twitter account just for that.

What about this link ?


Someone posted it on page 31 of this topic.

I reached out to them on their website (link above) and took less than 24 hours for a response. They just would NOT honour their offer. Now using Deezer 🙂

I just opened a website Chat Support with Spotify asking about the free Google home Mini promotion and they informed me of the following:


But, the offer has already ended back in April 17, 2019. Please take note that the expiration of the offer can change as it's only until supplies last.
Kenneth A
 at 11:35, Apr 30:
Unfortunately, the stocks for the offer has been maxed out already
So that's why the link no longer works. I switched from a family plan to a personal plan for nothing as it ended prior to May due to stocks issue.

Perfect, thanks so much!

I am having the same issue. I just downgraded from the family plan to premium plan for the Google Home mini promotion. When I am trying to redeem the Google Home mini from the link , I get the message "It looks like you've not registered your interest for this offer yet." with a Register Now buton. On clicking the button, it takes me to the home page with no error or success message. What should I make of this?

That was my issue and as per Web Chat Support with Spotify, the stock has been exhausted and promotion has been ended on April 17th.


Kenneth A
 at 11:35, Apr 30:
But, the offer has already ended back in April 17, 2019. Please take note that the expiration of the offer can change as it's only until supplies last.
Unfortunately, the stocks for the offer has been maxed out already


We are out of luck, and we downgraded for nothing.  In my case i will keep my personal plan and will not return to a family plan. I may cancel and switch to Youtube music subscription anyhow and buy the home mini on a discount somewhere else.



I have the same issue. Here is the answer I got from Spotify Support. 

Capture d’écran, le 2019-04-30 à 15.27.12.png

your screenshot is not posting, perhaps it is being blocked?

As i was saying chances are that no one who hasn' or clicked the link on or
after 4pm eastern on april 17th will be SOL. Even if the link has been
provided to them before that date.

I have been having the same issue and none of the links and pages work for me. I get to the registration page and I click the register now button and I get sent to the main Spotify home page with no offer in sight. I would like to be a part of this promotion seeing as I've been a premium member for years now. It should not be this hard. Not impressed to be honest. I hope you can help out. It would be greatly appreciated.


When did you tried to apply for the promotion?


The GHM promo ended earlier than expected, April 17th, so those who didn't applied before that day are highly unlikely to receive the link/code to redeem the speaker, I would even be concerned for those who have received the link and haven't placed the order yet.


And here we're all Spotify clients, so if the actual Spotify customer service can't solve this for you, you probably won't find the answer you're expecting here.


PS.: Post edited to modify the date from May 17th to April 17th, thx for the warn Flynch3211.

Well said. But you meant April 17th.

From reading other comments it seems to apply to both, those who didn't click on the link prior to April 17th and those like me who had a Family plan, swtiched to Personal plan only to discover that the links and promotion ended prematurely due to stock ran out fast.


I'm sure they will have similar promotions in the future, just last night in Canada the Google home Mini at Costco was $49.99 which isn't all that expensive considering.

Also Spotify released their quarter results this week and looks like this promotion of a google home mini increased their paid users too.  I can only be hopeful more promotions will come, until then i will remain a personal plan of $9.99 and not go back to family plan.

Do your order show anything like this?



Your delivery was delayed. We're working to get it to you soon and will email you when it's on its way."
I just saw this on Google Store right now.

Mine is expected next week...

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