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[Canada] Troubles Redeeming Google Home Mini


[Canada] Troubles Redeeming Google Home Mini







iPhone, PC

Operating System

iOS, Windows 10


My Question or Issue

When going to to redeem my google home mini, after being a premium subscriber for years, I am greeted with "We're sorry but you're not able to redeem at this moment." 

I notice this seems to be an ongoing issue for US customers and also can't help but notice I never received an email advertising this promotion.  This seems like a huge attempt to grab new customers while shafting your existing ones pretending like it's an error or bug when it is simply just not part of your plan to accomodate existing customers.  Please provide a solution and not just links to the same redeem pages over and over which seemed to be all that was done for US customers.  

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I’m a premium member, I was told I’d get an email to redeem the free google home mini, I havent gotten an email and any link I follow leads me to a page that says the offer is not available to me. Please help me fix this ASAP. Thank you. 

Hey @storagecase, and welcome to the community.

Hope you’re doing great!


Could you try redeeming your Google Home Mini here? It’d be better to use a different browser and follow these steps: 

  1. On a new browser, sign in to .
  2. Use the link I provided above ^, to redeem.

Let me know how this goes 🙂

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Hey there @BrittanyBurch!
This promotion is only available in the UK. Do you live in the UK?

No I live in Canada and it says it’s available in Canada. 


Isn't the Google Home Mini supposed to be Free if you have a Premium account? 

I received a notification saying that it was reserved for me & that I could claim it, but then it asked for payment information  

You need to have a google approved way of payment even though it’s free... I know it’s silly. Just anothe way to grab you I guess.. 

Thanks for the reply. Trying to contact Spotify support seems to be a maze created by a drunk  There's nothing that says that Google isn't going to charge my Google account ?

It says it here 


Same here! I don't understand, I get a message that I'm not eligible. Yet,  I have been a paying long time premium member.

My friend was just able to redeem with no issues - albeit put on a 'wait list'. But what is this?! completely unfair. And with no one to actually contact to address this issue I'm beyong frustrated!!! 



Thanks again  I got the Confirmation email Google saying that the cost is $00.00 and it's expected to be delivered towards the end of May  👍

Not starting a new account.  Lose all my playlists starting over.  Spotify needs to rectify this issue by providing new promo codes to those that were charged full price on their orders because their system did not apply the discount properly.  I sent them my Google salesnorder ID and my promo code that was used as info.  Only a generic reply so far.  I also have tried contacting through Facebook messenger - got a "we're here to help" reply 8 hours later asking for my email address.  We'll see what happens next.

It's supposed to work for existing premium members - my friend sitting right next to me just received her confirmation email.

Did you click on the 'learm more'? it brings you to a page where you can redeem if you're already a member.


BUUTTTT I'm having issues. I'm getting an ineligable message when in fact I am a member.. so who knows what system they actually have. Seems compeltely unfair at this point.spotify.JPGspotify1.JPGspotify2.JPG

Maybe check your Spotify account info to make sure that it's correct ?

Having the same issue as most people on here. I’ve been a premium subscriber for a number of years. It’s not providing me with a code to redeem the Google home mini. Keeps saying that I have to check back later. 


Is Spotify going to honour these redemptions or is this a first come first served thing? Seems a little scammy to be promising people devices when you can’t redeem them. 






Galaxy s8

Operating System

Android 9 pie


My Question or Issue

I am trying to redeem the Google home mini and i just joined by the link to get the google home and have been charged the fee but when I try to redeem it says I have already and when I check availability it says I cant redeem. Dont know what's going on

I'm done trying to fix this. I just want a refund for signing up for the premium membership.

I found this little gem in the fine print. I couldn't find a way to just pay for the premium and skip the trial.. We have a family plan too which is not eligible for the speaker. <_<


Trial ends May 11th at which time I will be eligible and the Promo ends May 9th.


So if you're signing up just for the speaker don't bother I guess is the message.


Also getting the below message on the support page. Based on the above dates the cake is a lie.




what kind of info? As far as I can tell everything is correct...

Dis they fix the issue, cause I got the same problem 

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