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[Canada] Troubles Redeeming Google Home Mini


[Canada] Troubles Redeeming Google Home Mini







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When going to to redeem my google home mini, after being a premium subscriber for years, I am greeted with "We're sorry but you're not able to redeem at this moment." 

I notice this seems to be an ongoing issue for US customers and also can't help but notice I never received an email advertising this promotion.  This seems like a huge attempt to grab new customers while shafting your existing ones pretending like it's an error or bug when it is simply just not part of your plan to accomodate existing customers.  Please provide a solution and not just links to the same redeem pages over and over which seemed to be all that was done for US customers.  

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I've been trying to register for the Google Mini and the links provided on the forum only redirect me to the main page for Spotify. How can I redeem? I don't see the option anywhere...

I have some bad news. Earlier in this post someone replied that the
@spotifycares confirm to then that the promotion was over.

If you wish to have more info on this, check twitter and tweet

Awh, that's too bad! I read that it was on until May, or while supplies last. They must have run out.

Thank you!

Supply lasted until April 17th. Where the date magically moved to the 14th
in the evening... Since then people have been having issues.

I see that... My point was that I got an email from Spotify yesterday,
telling me to redeem the Google Home Mini...That's when this journey
started for me.

Hello All,
I signed up for premium while the promo was on. I never got the email for
the google home mini, but knew from notices on Spotify's website they were
having trouble sending out the redemption email. After many days of trying
to resolve this issue I found Spotify online chat (I don't use twitter).
You can access it here
you need to log into your account to access it.

I chatted with this support and they basicly told me to bad they couldn't
do anything and that the promo is now ended. I asked to be escalated to
someone that could. They did that and said I would be contacted with in
two days.

I did get an email back 24 hours later asking for more details on my
issue. A few emails back and forth over a few days and they sent me a new
link with the promo code. The link didn't work, however when I coppied the
promo code out of url link and went to canadian google store, i added home
mini to basket and applied the code when I went to check out. It worked
and sais it will be delivered June 11-12. Fingers crossed.

hope this helps people.

Very long frustrating process but it worked (I hope)

That deserves to be stickied

Trying my luck with this now through chat, and getting similar responses. Very politely advising that there's nothing they can do and that they'll send my feedback to the right people.


I'm actually pretty frustrated about this, I've been a paying member for years and I never even got the email for this promo, only heard through social media and have had such a hard time with it ever since. 

I am in Canada. I have been premium for a year before converting to family in the spring of 2018. I never received a code where my brother in law did. When I try to find a link it says promotion is not valid for me? Being a long time member and not getting one is silly. Any help would be appreciated thank you!

It was not available for family plans in Canada from the get go. Only UK
members on family plans were.

I have a spotify premium account and can't find anything to get the process started for getting a google home mini.  Will I be contacted through email at some point? Or how do I start the registration for this promo?

I have a premium plan not family

Wondering this too

Trying to help the community and seeing oeople asking the same question over makes me feel that this post became TL;DR. No offense to the peeps that are asking again, here is a TL;DR resumé of what happened:


1- its clear that initially the promotion was to last until May 9th, or while supplies last

2- it's also clear that Spotify did not expect that much popularity to the offer

3- it's also very clear that the delays on the Google store became very long due to high demand

4- we know for a fact, victim of its fame, the promotion prematurely ended on April 17th


5- I personally evaluate the chances of people to get the GHM to 25-30% if they've subcribed after April 17th for the service

6- with enough complaint to Spotify Twitter Account, or the chat that was mentioned on page 31 of this post, You MAY get a device.



Actually i received an email to claim my google home mini speaker. And when I field the form I don’t get I the page I get to the page I just attached with this message . This is absolutely false publicity! If I get an email I’m aloud to get a free product because I have an account with Spotify premium and it gets to the page to field a form and after all I don’t get it because It’s not available in my country why I received an email to claim it anyway ?! I want my google home mini free if I’m aloud to thank you ! 



I am having same trouble.

earlier this month, I was told I'll be notified once device becomes available and then I can't even access the link at at all anymore.


Dueie, please define earlier in the month?

Who knows how we get that google speaker is there an other link that gets there ?

I'd love to help but we're all users here. Reach to Spotify on twitter.
That's where they are.

Hello! I signed up for premium to recieve the Google home mini. I followed the advertised links to recieve the Google home mini, but after signing up and finishing my payment and account information, I saw nothing about the Google home mini. This was two weeks ago and I've still yet to recieve any email regarding anything about the Google home mini.

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