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Cannot get premium for 30 days

Cannot get premium for 30 days

Hi, a week ago I tried clicking premium trial for 30 days but I got me to the paying procedure, It said I had to pay to get 3 months for 9,00kr. When I logged in with my phone It said that it'd give me 7 days to try it out, but I didn't acknowledge it until it finished today. How can I get 30 days instead of 7? References in attachment

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Hey @YaggyuForum, welcome to the community!


Right now, the 7-day trial is automatically redeemed when you accept the Spotify terms and conditions on your mobile device. However, this trial won't affect the 30-day one.


If you finish the subscription for the trial, it should start automatically once the 7-day trial ends.


All the best.

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