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Cant access an account I am being billed for

Cant access an account I am being billed for

I have an account (not the one I am posting from) that is presumably linked to my old facebook account which I deleted.  Now I cant log into the spotify account to use or cancel it but continue to be billed the 10 bucks a month.  I have tried for months to remedy this.  I have no access to the account nor any way to reset the ID...Someone will need to look this up by credit card which someone should be able to do since I am being billed.  If only I could talk to a person.  I am going to now dispute any further charges since I have attempted to cancel if we cant remedy this.

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Hey @kirkm76, welcome to the community!


If your Spotify account was created via the Facebook profile you closed, you'll need to reactivate it to log back in and cancel the subscription.


In case you can't reactivate the Facebook account, we suggest following these steps to see if maybe you can gain access of it again.


Let me know how it goes.

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