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Cant pay with Credit Card in South Africa?


Cant pay with Credit Card in South Africa?




South Africa


iPhone 7

Operating System

iOS 13.6


My Question or Issue

Good day, I joined Spotify on the 3 months Free Premuim Deal, where i registered and put up my credit Card as requested. In the mean time, before the first decudtion could occur, i had to had my Credit Card changed and thus has a new Credit Card Number. Since then my payment failed on Saturday. Today that i tried to change the credit card details to my new one it wont allow me to do so. It only allows me to add a Network Provider (Vodacom) as a option BUT I AM NOT WITH THAT Network. Does this mean i cant use Spotify in South Africa without having a Vodacom Contract?  

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Great to hear that you were able to subscribe @hugoAmosrust.


We were making some changes to the system so things were a bit out of order for a short moment.


It should be fixed now, but if someone still has trouble they can use the links to get it sorted.


Hope this shines some more light on the situation.


Just give us a shout if there's anything else we can do for you.

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I see this issue is dated back to 2020. I am trying to change my credit card details on the Family plan but also only giving me an option to pay by Vodacom. So I changed it to the Pay By Carrier thinking that I could go and change it back and add the new credit card details, but it will not give me that option.

I have tried the links provided above but that is for Duo and I need Family. If I click on Family it just shows I am already subscribed and still wont let me change my payment details. 

Please help...

Hi there @chookins,


Thanks for the post!


Can you try to open this link and see if this allows you to change the family plan?


Keep us posted.

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Thanks for your quick reply.

I have already sorted it out, painfully, and it shouldn't be this complicated:

1/ I canceled my membership
2/ Renewed my membership hoping it would ask for new payment details, but it didn't. It simply reverted to old payment details.

3/ Changed plan to Duo, and it asked me for a new payment plan so I could enter the new credit card details.

4/ Changed the plan back to Family and it kept the new payment method intact.


Also, I see while looking at the Account Overview, that I was going to be billed R109 on my next billing cycle. Since I have managed to change the plan and payment method, I am now going to be billed R99.

Don't you think it's fair that if you have a price reduction, that I'm sure many people will be happy about, that the new price reflects and is billed immediately and not have to force update the plan like I just did?


Many thanks again.

Hey there @chookins,


Thanks for the reply.


Glad to hear that you were able to re-subscribe for Family using your card.


Usually, users should be able to change their payment method to any of the available in the region at will. We'll report this to the right folks at Spotify, so that they can investigate further.


Whenever you change your Premium plan, you're being billed only when your old premium time is over, so the billing doesn't happen instantaneously.


Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have questions.

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Just to confirm: this issue still persists in Feb 2022.

It was also ultimately resolved for me by reverting to Free, then signing up to Family plan again.

Please Spotify, escalate this issue so others won't experience the same in future.

Hey @MirageF1AZ,

Thank you for reaching out to the Community.

We're glad to know that you were able to complete the payment, thanks for the information. Keep in mind that payment issues may occur due to different reasons. If you have any issue in future payments, take into account the information of this article.

We appreciate the time you took to resolve the issue and the feedback you’ve shared with us.

If anything else comes up, the Community will be here for you.

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Thanks @Novy for the reply.  
I certainly did read that article before contacting support.  Believe me: I tried a lot of stuff!  Unfortunately none of the points in that article is relevant to this particular problem.
I still believe there is a bug with the payment renewal process, since it works perfectly fine when signing up from scratch but for some reason only when updating payment it does not allow the combination of Family plan and Credit card as one of the options.  Only that specific combination, and apparently only in South Africa.  Payment renewal-Family Plan-Credit Card-South Africa.  Strange.
Anyway, I'm sorted for now so it won't affect me at least until I have to renew my credit card again in a few years...

I like many others are having the same issue.

Every time I click the "Update Card" link it takes me to a page that only lists "Carrier Billing".

I want to pay by Credit Card as I have done for years now. I do not want to use carrier billing not to mention the only two options are Vodacom and Telkom of which I am with neither. 

I think it is crazy that you do not just allow updating of my CC details on your Account Page.




South Africa


My Credit Card had expired and so I want to update my Family Plan to my new Credit Card details, however when I click "Update" on my Credit Card it takes me to only mobile payment options with only two carriers neither of which I am with.


I want to pay by Credit Card, not Mobile.


I have tried in a different browser, incognito, and on a different device. Same situation every time.



1. Click Update on expired credit card

2. It takes me to these options. This is not correct. I can't and don't want to pay with these options.



I have tried to click "Change Plan" and select Family Plan


But I get this error



Spotify's billing and subscriptions code is an absolutely mess:

I was looking at what it would entail to cancel and re-subscribe. I partially went through cancellation wizard but my subscription was canceled anyway!! I didn't even confirm the cancellation.

However, going from Free (😡) to Premium does seem to allow a Credit Card to be used. What a total mess. 
Is there no way to just update Credit Card details?!? I tried on multiple devices, browsers, and incognito windows.


So the only option is to cancel a Family Plan, boot everyone out of their subscriptions, and then re-create a new subscription and re-invite all your family members? Mental. 





Hey there @OliverRC


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community.


We can confirm that the steps you've followed are the correct ones and you should be able to see the option to pay by credit card.


If you're still unable to see it, we suggest that you try again in 24 hours and using a different internet connection to see if that makes the difference. 


Keep us posted on how it goes.

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“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”– Maria von Trapp

I am having the same issue... when I want to update my Credit Card details (because it is expiring this month), the only option I get is to use cellular network billing (which I will NEVER use as it a full of fraud). 





Hi @Eni, 


Are you saying that the only way to renew subscriptions when a Credit Card is to completely cancel existing subscriptions, thus removing all family members and then re-subscribing and having to re-setup the family accounts?


This is as opposed to the "Update" button doing what it should and allowing a user to enter the new credit card information like every other service I've ever used (except Spotify) it seems.


If that is the case then this is a bug/flaw in your billing and account management screens and your development team should look into it, as it is far from a pleasant user experience.

Hi there,

The problem seems to still be a problem (Feb 2023). Is the only option to unsubscribe and resubscribe. My current credit card is expiring, but I am unable to update my card details, other than using a mobile payment plan. I am getting the same response from OliverRC with the screenshots shared. Spotify, it's been 3 years, any progress?

I've come to realize that Spotify does not give a damn about its users at all.


This community system is just further evidence of this. They could not even be bothered to manage their support queries but rather leave it to users to try and fend for themselves, regardless of if you are a paid or free tier user.


Additionally, errors, bugs, and features have been ignored for years. The platform seems to have stagnated entirely and no longer makes any meaningful improvements.


I don't recall the last useful feature added outside of making minor cosmetic changes or worsening functionality.

The enshitification of all things continues.

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