Card set to US, currently in GB


Card set to US, currently in GB


 I am studying abroad in Scotland, and I had premium for three months, now, it expired and when I tried to log in it said to change my country to Great Britain, okay, no problem. When I realized my premium expired, I went to update my subscription, but low and behold, I CAN'T. The country is now stuck in Great Britain until I go home several months from now, and of course, I still use my home bank, because I don't need an extra bank. The problem is that when I try to pay, it says 'Wrong country' and tells me to change it in my account setting, but... I... Can't... -_- do I seriously need to download a vpn to tunnel me through America just so I can change my country or can a staff save me hours of trouble while I'm trying to write my darn essay, listening to freaking car commercials interrupt my instrumental-only playlist.

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Hey @noldyb


Are you still having trouble with this?