Changing country and payment method flow broken


Changing country and payment method flow broken

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So I recently moved countries for work, and now want to swap over to my new bank in this country.


When trying to add the new payment method to my subscription, it tells me the payment method and country don't match and tells me to update my info first. When going to my profile, the country is greyed out and the link that says "change country" and links to some outdated documentation that is wrong.


There is no "..." option as some documentation suggests, also it does not prompt you if you want it to update automatically, as the "official" documentation seems states.


Is there no longer a simple way of changing your country and payment method without breaking your subscription? Why is the documentation around this flow totally out of date and still linked to in the accounts page?


Is the ONLY way to change your country and payment details to cancel your subscription, change your details and then resubscribe? If so, that flow needs a massive re-think. Retention numbers were not high on the priority list when designing that flow.


I'm a bit frustrated at trying to solve this for longer than should be neccessary that this is almost a bit of a rant as well as a question I want answered.

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Re: Changing country and payment method flow broken

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Hey @NerdyBiker,


Please try clearing your browser's cache and cookies or use an incognito window.


In case you get the same results, you can cancel the current subscription, wait until the account goes back to Free, update the country, and then resubscribe.

When your account gets downgraded to Spotify Free, no saved songs etc. will get deleted.


Have a nice day!


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