Charged by iTunes AND Spotify


Charged by iTunes AND Spotify


So I got in touch via live chat a week ago to try and figure this out - Since December I've been getting billed by both Spotify and Apple. Apple now say they can't help, they just say my subscription has continued as normal. 
Spotify couldn't find a duplicate acount for me.
My debit card expired last year, around the same time the duplicate charges started. Then my subscription, accessed direct with iTunes at the time, reverted to the free version as my card wasn't working.
So I'm wondering if I did something silly, like renewed my account directly with Spotify on my new debit card. Then I may have updated my card details in iTunes, and the iTunes subscription kicked back in and started charging me for Spotify again, even though I'd already renewed it seperately with Spotify. 
Is this possible? I only recently noticed the double charges showing up in my bank account, and they've been going on for a few months by now 😕 
I also would've thought, if this scenario was the case, Spotify would've noticed they were getting double revenue from me?
I'm still not sure this is actually what's going on of course! Attached are account screenshots from iTunes and Apple.

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Re: Charged by iTunes AND Spotify

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Hey @SnosrapG,


Unfortunately there's not much the Community can do about this, so i'd recommend that you reach back out to Spotify's Support Team because they are the one's who can access the backstage area of your account 🙂

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