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Charged for Premium after cancelling weeks ago

Charged for Premium after cancelling weeks ago






Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge

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Got Premium to listen to new Eminem album on 9/3 and cancelled shortly after to avoid being billed again. Today the plan switched over to Free but I was still charged for Premium account  today, 10/2. Was sent here after emailing support on main Spotify help page. Would like to receive a refund. Totally get rid of account if necessary. If the bank weren't closed I'd just stop payment.

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You still purchased premium, just because you cancelled it after a few days doesn’t mean you don’t pay for the month. Should have used a trial if that’s what you wanted. Doubtful you’ll get a refund, and if you try to dispute it you through your bank it’s likely you’ll get banned from Spotify permanently. 

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If you're being charged and you are not sure why, take a look at this article as this will help you out 🙂


Let us know if you have further questions.


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